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Nesmuk is a name that represents a unique symbiosis of tradition and personal experience, precision workmanship and uncompromising function. The basic form of the Nesmuk knife is a type of knife that existed 3,500 years ago. Inspired by the aesthetic appeal, efficient function and logical shape of this ‘original knife’, Nesmuk has re-interpreted and perfected it.

In order to achieve superior results, Nesmuk uses data collected in many years of studies and comparative analytical tests. This data enables the production of all Nesmuk chef's knives according to the optimisation principle. They deliver optimum material quality and composition, perfect blade geometry and maximum precision.

The range includes the hand-crafted Nesmuk EXKLUSIV, the Nesmuk JANUS, the Nesmuk DIAMOR ®, the Nesmuk SOUL and the new Nesmuk Folding Knives (pocket-knives).

As a special service to our customers, we will sharpen your Nesmuk knives for free – until 30 years after buying. For this Sharpening Service you only have to pay the postage.