Nesmuk Folder: An expression of elegance

Whenever Nesmuk develops a knife it should set new standards in its category regarding design as well as the selection of materials and processing. Just like our Nesmuk folding knives (pocket-knives) that we can now present after four years of development work – designed for people for whom only the best is good enough.

The Nesmuk pocket-knives / jackknives are handcrafted, manually refined masterpieces that demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship and first-rate expertise.

For even greater individuality, folding knives from our knife ranges EXKLUSIV, JANUS and SOUL are available with 14 different types of handles ranging from silver to gemstone, piano lacquer or precious woods. Choose a Nesmuk folder / pocket-knife – to match your good taste.

Instruction for use: Touch down with the blade tip of the folding knife first and then simply pull to cut. Due to our special blade shape, the tip of the blade will only go blunt slightly during the cutting process, but does not have any effect on the sharpness of the knife blade.