Nesmuk DIAMOR<sup>® </sup>

Nesmuk DIAMOR®


Nesmuk DIAMOR®: Made to last forever

Nesmuk DIAMOR® is a revolution that combines expertise, experience and advanced materials in a unique way. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology in Dresden, the blade is hollow-ground on both sides and a diamond-like carbon (DIAMOR®) coating is applied on one side to maximize the blade’s edge retention. The coating thickness is only 1.5 μ, yet its extraordinary hardness is 8 x higher than the hardness of the stainless niobium steel.

The Nesmuk DIAMOR® was created for continuous cutting applications purpose: it is sharpened only on one side and has a particular less acute angle. Therefore, although it does not have the initial biting sharpness like the other Nesmuk knives, it has a much longer edge retention. Due to the one-side sharpened characteristic, the knife requires a special handling. The DIAMOR® is a special tool designed to be a timeless and functional blade for individuals.

The collar of stainless steel and the aesthetic precious wood or top-quality micarta handles serve to underline the handcrafted excellence.

Please Note: Handles made out of burl wood may feature inclusions. This is natural condition and is therefore not a reason for refund.

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