Nesmuk SOUL

Nesmuk SOUL


Nesmuk SOUL: The essence of Nesmuk

The Nesmuk SOUL, with a blade that is a mere 3 mm thick (60 HRC), is made of patented, stainless steel containing niobium and hollow ground on one side for the perfect cutting experience.

Niobium, a rare heavy metal found in Brazil which is named after the daughter of Tantalos (Greek mythology) gives the Nesmuk blade steel its high strength and very fine structure, guaranteeing long life expectancy.

Extreme sharpness, low weight and the ergonomic design of the solid, seamless handle which is made from one single piece including a brushed steel collar facilitates fatigue-free, precise and safe cutting. There are 5 fine wood options and 4 coloured micarta options for the Nesmuk SOUL handle. The Nesmuk SOUL's collar is available in stainless steel.

Please Note: Handles made out of burl wood may feature inclusions. This is natural condition and is therefore not a reason for refund.