Nesmuk strop (Knife Sharpener)


Four-sided hand-made strop with a total length of 375 mm for a professional final blade polish

The diamond paste in the leather polishes the blade’s cutting edge, enhancing sharpness and increasing life expectancy. Start off sharpening with the ’rough’ side (20 μm diamond), continue with the ’medium’ side (5 μm diamond), then move on to ’fine’ (1 μm diamond) and finish with ’very fine’ (no diamond) to ensure the finest polish finish on your cutting edge. When the strop is used correctly it restores the special Nesmuk sharpness that the knife is supplied with.

Rule of thumb: amateur chefs should sharpen the Nesmuk knife approx. 1–2 times a month and professional chefs approx. 1-2 times a week.

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